Windows 10 Update Warning for Autodesk Users

Autodesk are currently working on stabilising their software for the latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Until this is completed, we recommend avoiding this update, or rolling back if you have already installed it.

Autodesk’s stance on the Windows 10 Anniversary update. “Windows 10, for us, update 1511 and the anniversary update are just that, updates, we are currently working on stabilizing our program with this new update, but the information provided to you in the article is the official stance regarding Windows 10.”

There have been many reports of problems with Autodesk software after upgrading to Windows 10 Anniversary.

If you’ve already upgraded, we recommend rolling back to an earlier build. Windows will only allow you to do this within 10 days of installing your update. To do this, go to: Updates & Security > Recovery > Go back to an earlier build.

F-Keys not functioning after the upgrade.  

If you wish to persist with Windows 10 Anniversary, we recommend setting TEMPOVERRIES to 0 to resolve this issue.

This will turn temporary overrides on and off for drawing aids

Type: Integer

Saved in: Registry

Initial value: 1

A temporary override key is a key that you can hold down to temporarily turn on or turn off one of the drawing aids that are set in the Drafting Settings dialog box; for example, Ortho mode, object snaps, or Polar mode.

0 = Off

1 = On

Autodesk 2016 software will not activate with the new Edge browser

With the Windows 10 Update, you will receive the new Edge web browser. Autodesk 2016 products will not activate using this browser. You will be able to complete installation, but may have problems activating your software. Wherever possible, we recommend upgrading to the latest 2017 version of your software. If this is not an option for you, we suggest attempting activation through an alternative browser. You may need to set an alternative as your default browser.

Have a defined update strategy for both Windows and Autodesk products to reduce these issues significantly. If you check out this link you’ll find some of the answers that you need for compatibility of your version of Autodesk products. Knowledge Network Article

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