From Product to Collection – All you need to know.

What is he talking about? I’m guessing that’s the question on your mind right now?

Autodesk are offering the capability to upgrade from a single product, think Inventor/Revit to an Industry Collection at almost no additional cost. They have decided that the future of products is in offering a wider range of products focused on specific industry segments, with the option to supplement these offerings with cross segment software easily, if needed. They have also decided to make it easier to load and unload products/services as and when you need them.

One benefit for example – If you have a 3 month peak of work, hire in contract engineers, hire the software they need, and once the peak has leveled off, turn off the additional workers, the software and the payments. It’s like adding sky sports to your subscription for the football season and removing it to save money in the off season.

Why Industry Collections over a Product/Suite?

Greater value

Industry collections provide access to more software and services than suites, providing you value that well exceeds a premium suite at a very competitive price point.

Simplified software procurement and management

We have made it easier for you to determine which offering is right for you. All of your essential software tools are in one of 3 industry collections, rather than across more than 6 suites, each with multiple editions.

You will always have access to the latest software, with simple control over updates and access, a unified procurement cycle and easier licence management.

Solutions for individuals or teams

With collections, you will be able to choose a subscription with single-user access or multi-user access for when you need to share software across a team. Suites offer single-user access only.

More cloud services

Access more cloud services than are currently available in the design and creation suites.

Now that’s cleared up Cadassist are offering the ability to switch your product design software subscriptions to an industry collections subscription easily.

What does it mean?

When switching a subscription you are choosing to end a current subscription/PAYG term and change to a new entitlement providing access to new software and services.

What is being introduced?

The ability to switch renewable annual and multi-year subscriptions to Industry Collections.

The switch will provide access to new products and services but the access type (single-user or multi-user), term length and billing type all remain the same).

It is not possible to switch perpetual maintenance plans at this time.


What is the difference between a “Switch” and a “Crossgrade” ?


Switches are not possible when wishing to switch from “LT Group” products, furthermore switch plans are only available to access Industry Collections whereas “crossgrades” enabled customers to migrate to a number of different products.

Why is “switching” so beneficial?

– The provide flexibility to change subscription at any time

– The ability to access to far broader range of design tools and the latest software within the industry collections

– Simplified purchasing and administration (i.e. the ability to assign cloud benefits on a 3:1 ratio if accessing an industry collection)

– It provodes an opportunity to streamline how purchases are made and simplify the management of your Autodesk software


What products can be switched? 3

What is the process of “switching” ?

When can I switch my subscription? 

Any time after the initial 90 days, simply contact Cadassist and confirm you wish to switch. Please note that some switch plans are chargeable.  Details below.

What happens after switching? 

The switch will take place almost immediately, Autodesk will send an email confirming the change and you will have 30 days to assign the users to the new software and/or deploy a new licence file before the old product is removed from the plan.

What is the process for switching ?

The process for switching is very simple, the process is:

 – Inform your account manager that you wish to switch with a purchase order (if required)

– Cadassist will transact the switch on your behalf with Autodesk

– You will receive an email from Autodesk with a guided tutorial in your Autodesk Account

– When logging into your Autodesk Account you will be able to access your new products and cloud services

Can I switch at the same time as I renew my subscription plan?

Yes, however the switch must be processed before a renewal.  Autodesk’s guideline is that if you wish to switch within 90 days of the renewal the switch + renew should processed at the same time.4.png

Pricing Example


Example 1

 From:                          AutoCAD single-user, annual, basic support

To:                               AEC Collection single-user, annual, basic support

Annual Price:              £1035-00

Prorated Price:           £517-50


Example 2                  

From:                        Product/Building Design Suite Premium, multi-user, annual, basic support

To:                               Product or AEC Design Collection, multi-user, annual, basic support

Annual Price:              £0-00

Prorated Price:           No cost for remainder of term; at renewal the collection renewal price is paid.

Summary of Changes 5

If you own a annual or multi-year subscription then it is possible switch to an Industry Collection based subscription.

Term length, access type, support level, billing type remain the same.

If you would like more information on the benefits don’t forget you can always contact us, check out the website and for regular updates follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.



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