Autodesk Navisworks 2017 – what’s new in collaboration

Another new release from Autodesk this week – Autodesk Navisworks 2017.  Those using thenavisworks 2017 desktop subscription model will be able to access these, as will those with a maintenance subscriptions.

Autodesk usually release new features based on feedback passed on to them from users and resellers such as Cadassist.  Some of this year’s new features and enhancements include:

European Region Support

Navisworks 2017 provides access to BIM 360 Glue projects hosted both in the US and in Europe. You just need to select your regional server after sign-in.Navisworks 2017 new

BIM 360 Shared Views

Navisworks 2017 continues to support synchronised Shared Views with BIM 360 Glue, providing real-time access across BIM 360 Glue connected clients . Shared Views assist review and analysis activity in your BIM360 Glue project team, for closer collaboration.Navisworks 2017 new2

Shared Views created in any BIM 360 Glue connected client retain view fidelity, including:

  • Object Visibilty (hidden state)
  • Object Overrides – color and transparency (transparencies are fixed at 95%)
  • Section Planes and Boxes

Shared Views can be renamed, moved into folders created in BIM 360 Glue and saved directly in Navisworks.

 UI Improvements

Autodesk have made some changes to the Navisworks BIM 360 and Home tabs, making access easier and offering a more intuitive user experience.

CLIC Licensing

The introduction of CLIC brings cohesive access via single license, that supports both desktop and cloud services.

Faster Model Display

Improved speed of synchronising data and display of model list, and faster streaming of BIM 360 models.

Autodesk 2017 Product Integration

Providing support for the latest Autodesk applications is fundamental to Navisworks, ensuring that the latest version of design models and data can be reviewed and analysed. Updated file readers, exporters and integrations include:

  1. AutoCAD 2017 file reader and exporter
  2. Civil 3D 2017 file reader and exporter
  3. Revit 2017 file reader and exporter
  4. Inventor 2017 file reader
  5. 3DS Max 2017 file exporter
  6. Recap 2017 integration
  7. Vault 2017 integration
  8. Intergraph CADWorx Plant file reader updated to include support for additional properties including User data and Insulation.

Essential skills Videos.

There are some videos on essential skills available which will show you basic workflows that you will encounter as you use Autodesk Navisworks.  These will help you to optimise your project workflow.

For more information on Navisworks 2017 give our team a call on 0845 872 5555 or email us.  If you want to be kept up to date with Autodesk software and Cadassist news, don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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