Hints and Tips: Desktop Subscription Management

The ability to use, activate and download Autodesk software is all controlled through the Autodesk Account. All users and managers must have an Autodesk Account; the user type generally determines what steps need to be taken to set up your software.

If the purchaser and end user are the same person, then all you will need to do is to sign in to your Autodesk Account, download the software and start the installation.DTS Install

DTS Install2DTS Install3During product activation after the installation you will be asked to sign in using your Autodesk Account credentials. You will need an active internet connection to activate the software and begin using it.

If the purchaser is not the user then the purchaser will need to sign into their Autodesk Account and click on the users button.

DTS Install4Here they will need to add the end users who will be using the software.

DTS Install5They will also need to grant access to the end users over the software.

DTS Install6The end user will receive an email from Autodesk advising them that they now have access to the software.

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