5 key reasons for buying a Product Design Suite over Individual Component Software

Generally when you buy a suite of something you get more “Bang for your buck”.

Standard room vs a Suite suite1

Microsoft Word vs Microsoft Office


Inventor vs Product Design Suite


It’s clear that you get more for your money, but what are the real life advantages?  Here are my top 5 reasons for buying a Product Design Suite over individual component software.

  •  Full Product Lifecycle – With individual software packages you generally complete one segment of a process, maybe 30% at a push; write a report in Word, calculate in Excel, present in PowerPoint, etc. The individual programs get a job done but a suite enables you to complete the whole process; from concept sketch to marketing and sales data in one set of products.productdesignsuite blog1
  •  Electrical and Mechanical integration – With Product Design Suite Ultimate you can design a harness in Inventor and create an electrical schematic in AutoCAD Electrical. This information can then be linked; if you change the pin layout in the AutoCAD Electrical file it updates the pin connections in the 3D harness.
  • Simulate installation or demolition sequences – Product Design Suite allows you to simulate production schedules, logistical information, take times and cost’s before metal is cut. You can make decisions earlier, and review and modify your products and processes on screen before it’s a physical product or a live process.

  • Visualisation tools included – Inventor can bring real time design visualisation on its own, but showcase brings photorealistic rendering and 3DSMax gives truly cinematic 3D animation to your business. Allowing marketing and sales information to be generated in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

Showcase –

3DS Max –

  • Improved project data management – Vault pulls all of this together in one place, eliminating multiple silos of information and the lost time of data searches. All of the data lives in one location with a unified user interface that has the capability to be personalised depending on what information you need to see. There is also the added benefit of version control so no information is ever lost on the next save.

So these are my top 5 reasons for utilising a Product Design Suite from Autodesk, but I’ve only touched on 50% of the included products, and only 3-5% of what those products can offer.

If you would like to find out more about what the Product Design Suite can do, sign up for our free “First Look” seminar being held at the Oldham Events Centre on the 13th of April, where we will start from a blank sheet of paper and move right through the design process to simulations of final designs.

There will be tea, coffee, bacon rolls and its all complementary, all we ask is that you register for the event here: Register now!  I hope to see you there.

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