Welcome to Cadassist – John Grimshaw

As Autodesk continue to be market leaders in manufacturing CAD software, Cadassist are john grimshawpleased to welcome John Grimshaw as our new Manufacturing Applications Engineer.

John has been designing parts, products, processes and teams for 15+ years but has only recently graduated with a degree – Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering with a 1st  Degree Honors.

In the past he’s worked in a range of environments from $13b multinationals with 56,000+ employees to £3m small family owned firms with less than 50 people employed, all manufacturing market leaders in their field.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working in some truly great cross-functional manufacturing teams over the last 15 years of my working life, I believe this habit has continued at Cadassist Ltd” says John.  “This helps significantly when identifying possible pain points. It’s just going to be helping people from industry, like me, to improve their total business processes through better use and utilization of software.”

John’s has spent his first few weeks expanding his knowledge base in Autodesk’s product portfolio and the Product Design Suite Ultimate in particular, passing the Autodesk Certification with flying colours, generally learning more about the industry he’s moving into and settling in at Cadassist.

Using the information from his new degree and Autodesk material, he’s confident he can make a real difference.

“The knowledge I’ve gained over the last few weeks could have shaved weeks, if not months, off of some of the previous projects I have worked on. Reducing time from customer request to delivered product, elimination of multiple silos of information and improving communication through the project team. If we are able to pass on this knowledge and skills I’m confident we could help improve project time to market significantly at the majority of businesses and products.”

Out of work John is always happy watching movies, walking the dog, boxing and spending time with his fiancé and kids.

If you’d like to speak to John or anyone else in the Cadassist team don’t forget you can always contact us, check out the website and for regular updates follow us on Twitter

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