How A360 Collaboration for Revit can smooth relations

Anyone still recovering from a family Christmas is bound to understand how hard christmas dinnercommunication is.  After decades of my mother struggling to cook Christmas dinner alone we decided to split the work; my parents would do starters, my brother in law was doing mains and I was doing dessert.  Unfortunately with the out of sync phone conversations between the three households there was inevitably a screw up; my Dad only found out my husband hates onions after he had decided on a French Onion Soup starter, and had bought 3 kilos of onions for it.  And done a practice run.

This is not a disaster, my husband actually enjoyed the soup in the end (kind of), but in a large building or engineering project this kind of communication error doesn’t leave someone pushing onions around a bowl, it leaves expensive and/or time consuming errors that can put a whole project in jeopardy.

A360 Collaboration for Revit is for Revit users what a three way conference call at Christmas would have been to us.  A really good idea.collaborationfor revit

Collaboration for Revit is an Autodesk A360 cloud based platform which will enable people to co-author models across firewalls from different locations anywhere in the world, all at the same time. By doing this, it aims to reduce many of the current model sharing issues including firewalls, sync issues, storage and access.

How A360 Collaboration for Revit works

To use A360 Collaboration for Revit you will need a Cloud Service Subscription. With this subscription you can pay monthly, quarterly or annually, which means that you only buy the software and/or support when you actually need it.

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