What to do if your tool tip video doesn’t work in Revit

With most tools in Revit, when you place your cursor over them, a description as to how the tool works appears.  This may be in the form of text or a small video which demonstrates the tool being used.

You may have experienced that sometimes the tool tip video does not work and you see a message similar to the image below.

Tooltip video not working

The message tells you that you need to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player in order to see the video.  But when you install the latest version of Adobe, the videos still do not work!  This is because the tool tip videos will only run using Adobe Flash Player version 10 and are not compatible with other versions.

We’ve been talking about this with Autodesk, and have found a handy workaround:

In order for this to work you will need to uninstall your version of Adobe Flash Player and reinstall version 10.


Your videos should play after this install and all should be well.

If not, then you may need to download the Adobe uninstall tool which will clear any remnants of the previous install before a fresh install can begin:


Also, be aware that when installing Adobe 10 it may throw up a warning saying a new version is available and will not let you install version 10.  To get around this, just disconnect your machine from the Internet and perform the install of version 10 again.

I hope this has helped you out a bit.  If you want to keep up to date with all of our hints and tips for all of the Autodesk software, don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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