Zebra Imaging Launches 3D Hologram Creator for Autodesk Revit

Zebra Imaging has released a new plugin for Autodesk Revit; 3D Hologram Creator. This new plugin simplifies the process of turning an architectural, engineering or construction design into an impressive 3D hologram, taking your designs to a whole new level when it comes to showcasing AEC designs.

These 3D holograms give accurate portrayals of design projects that can be passed on to clients. They can be a powerful sales tool, dazzling a potential client with new technology.

Zebra 1

The 3D Hologram Creator extends the native file export capabilities of Revit’s software to include OBJ files, which is the format needed for holographic printing. The software exports all selected geometry in a 3D view alongside the materials used in the view, and it fits effortlessly into the user’s workflow.

Zebra 2

“Holograms are new to the architecture market, but their ability to depict depth and detail in eye-catching ways are exactly what clients want to see,” says Chuck Scullion, Zebra Imaging’s President and CEO. “Immersing clients into a design will now be as simple as preparing a file for printing. The focus belongs on the design, not the process.”

“Providing Revit users with the ability to create holograms from building models adds a new level of sophistication to design visualization,” says Sasha Crotty, Revit Core Product Manager, Autodesk. “We’re glad that the Revit community will be among the first to gain access to this exciting new presentation and design exploration technology.”

When using 3D Hologram Creator plugin for Revit, users can visualize and create hologram within the Revit application then export their design to Zebra Imaging. The hologram will then be created at Zebra Imaging’s print centre. Most projects can be completed within the week.  The 3D Hologram Creator plugin is a free download available from the Autodesk Exchange site.

For more information on using Autodesk Revit, get in touch on sales@cadassist.co.uk or check out our website.

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Images by Zebra Imaging. All rights reserved.

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