Traffic simulation moves forward in InfraWorks 360

Autodesk are showing more and more why subscription is very much the way to go, as a way to keep up with the introduction of new features and releases throughout the year.  The recent mid-year release on the 2016 software’s have shown some interesting developments in Revit Architecture and Revit MEP, but other packages are also showing new capabilities, and one of the most striking from InfraWorks 360 is the advanced traffic simulation.

This function was available in a preview that was then pushed out to users but it’s now been rolled out across the board.

traffic simulation

This new functionality enables a designer to identify potential problem areas and allows them to explore new design alternatives.  Users can input traffic flow and add features, and then test them extensively by specifying the kinds of vehicles in the traffic and even time of day; how it handles rush hour or the school run for example.  The different road types include an area often neglected; roundabouts, a common feature in the UK – home of the roundabout, but less so in the US.

Being able to view designs and design changes within a virtual environment isn’t just an invaluable tool to assess and evaluate engineering designs; it’s also an impressive way of displaying how a traffic system will look, and let’s face it, just looks supercool.

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