What the Poodle SSLv3 Vulnerability means for Autodesk users

POODLE stands for Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption, and it is a man-in-poodlethe-middle exploit which takes advantage of Internet and security software clients’ fall back to SSL 3.0. It was discovered and announced in late 2014, and is registered on the CVE dictionary – a dictionary of publicly known information security vulnerabilities and exposures.

Autodesk are aware of the Poodle Vulnerability and are performing emergency maintenance on their servers to solve the problem but in the meantime there are a number of security hotfix’s available from Autodesk to minimise the impact of the Poodle Vulnerability.  The hotfix you need to download will depend on the product and which version of it you use, as well as the technology and systems that you use.

You can find these hotfix’s on the Autodesk Knowledge Network here.

To install the one that you need make sure that all of your Autodesk applications are closed, then download the appropriate hotfix to your computer. Install the hotfix in the following ways for each technology:

  • Windows:Execute the patch executable by double clicking on the patch. Wait for the installation to complete
  • Linux:Run the command ./installerR9.sh or ./installerR7.sh
  • Mac OS:Install the package by running the appropriate pkg (installerR9.pkg, installerR8.pkg or installerR7.pkg)

Don’t forget that the hotfix may need to be reinstalled after subsequent installation of other Autodesk product(s).

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