FAQ answered: Can I use Autodesk software with Windows 10?

Windows 10 has been rolled out, with predictably mixed reviews from users.  When a new free upgrade is offered, the temptation is often to click on the link to try it out.  However, if you are using your computer for work, using specific software such as Autodesk, it’s important to check first if there will be wider implications if you install this update.

As of yet, Windows 10 is not an officially supported operating system across the Autodesk product line.  This doesn’t mean that Windows 10 isn’t fit for purpose, but it does mean it may be better to hold off on the upgrade.  Having said that, people are already finding ways to get around issues arising from using Autodesk in Windows 10.

Installing a Product Design Suite with Windows 10

There is a workaround for installing a 2016 Product Design Suite, when you experience the error .NET 4.5 is not installed.

windows 10 error

Click OK to this error the install, and this will cause the operating system to reboot.

On the product select page of the Install or Deployment creation wizard you can uncheck the box to install AutoCAD Electrical 2016.

Or if you’re installing AutoCAD Electrical 2016 then modify the Setup.ini or <deployment name>.ini using Notepad search for the section [ACADE], [ACADE_LP], [ACADECONTENT] AND [ACADECONTENT_LP]. Add the line EXE_PARAM below.

If you are installing from media such as a USB drive this will have to be copied to a local or network drive before you modify the setup.ini.


If you are installing on Windows 10 after the Suite install is complete, ensure that Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 is installed for full functionality: Go to the Control Panel, under Programs select Uninstall a Program, and on the left of the Programs and Features dialog select Turn Windows features on or off. Make sure the entry for .NET Framework 4.6 Advanced Services is checked or partially checked with a solid black box.

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