What’s New in Autodesk INVENTOR 2016: Freeform

Ergonomic designs allow products to really stand out , but complex geometry can be challenging to create with typical CAD workflows.  However, with Inventor 2016 you have powerful free form tools enabling you to unlock your creativity and providing you with the right tools at the right time for the right job.

Now, Inventor 2016 has a full environment dedicated to supporting your ergonomic designs and you can quickly create explore iterate and optimise designs in a truly connected design experience.  You can take existing parametric geometry and convert it to freeform geometry which allows you to fine tune surface details and shape.


Alternatively, you can start your freeform shape from scratch; Inventor provides you with a range of “out of the box”  shapes that get you started quickly such as planes and cylinders


Faces can now be easily removed, just select and press delete.


New commands in Inventor 2016 enables you to insert points into the mesh to give you more control to areas that require fine detail


You also now have the ability to merge edges to close gaps and join edges.


The bridge command now allows you to select edges from two separate bodies to join them.


All these workflows are intuitive and makes the creation of free form objects much easier than ever


Additional tools allow you split your freeform shape into separate bodies:keith7

  • A tool to mirror your shape across a plane or planar face.keith8
  • A tool to copy bodies and faces directly in the freeform environment and a tool to place reference dimensions between points planes edges and faces


  • Enhanced visualisation and access to the Inventor full suite of hybrid modelling capabilities.


Inventor’s freeform gives you the power to let you produce Freeform ergonomic designs faster and more easily.



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