Steve Lovell’s Top Five Revit Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to save time and give a really professional appearance at all times.  Here are my top five shortcuts when it comes to Revit.

WT (Tile Windows) and ZA (Zoom All to Fit)

Working with Views within Autodesk Revit is key to controlling where and with what you are working with within the context of the project. As a result multiple views frequently need to be organised during this process. Using the typed command WT (Tile Windows) followed by ZA (Zoom All to Fit) is a quick way to organise and zoom to the contents of your open views within your project.


Ctrl and the Tab key to switch between maximised views

If you have multiple views open and maximised, and you wish to switch between them quickly, hold down the Ctrl key and then press once the Tab key to switch between the open views. Repeat this as needed to switch again as required.

TL (Thin Lines)

During the modelling process you need to see the model with the best degree of clarity therefore typing TL (Thin Lines) displays all the model as single width lines, aiding the modelling process.

VG (Visibility/Graphics Overrides)

The visibility and graphics settings of a view define whether elements and categories are visible in the view and their graphical appearance including colour, lineweight, and linestyle. Typing VG gives you quick access to Visibility Graphics.

Position the pointer over an object and press the Tab key

Select objects within a linked file by moving the pointer over the linked information and then press the Tab key to select the object contained within the linked file.

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