Cadassist at the Forefront of New Autodesk Trainer Certification

Autodesk recently launched its Autodesk® Certified Instructor (ACI) program in Northern Europe – a new level of certification for trainers and educators teaching Autodesk technology.  And already 80% of Cadassist’s training team has achieved this new certification – four times more than any other UK Authorised Training Centre.

The Autodesk Certified Instructor (ACI) program provides instructors with the highest level of training on the use of Autodesk software. The cornerstone of the Autodesk Professional Excellence Program, ACI offers premiere coaching, mentoring, evaluation, and accreditation services to ensure that only the best instructors teach Autodesk software.

Look for this new sign of Autodesk Trainer Excellence:

ACI logo 4Based on a long-term commitment to education, the ACI program provides instructors and teachers with a globally recognised certification by Autodesk. The ACI program is based on standardised requirements for various skill levels on Autodesk software. The program also provides an in-depth evaluation of an instructor’s proficiency with Autodesk solutions and his or her ability to train others.

Cadassist has always invested heavily in developing the skills of our training team. For years we have offered train-the-trainer instruction.  We have always believed that it is not enough for a trainer just to be an expert with Autodesk software.  To be a great trainer, it’s imperative that you also have to have the skills to communicate that expertise effectively.  So when we heard about the ACI program being launched in the UK, we jumped at the chance to get our team certified.

As part of the ACI certification, candidates are evaluated on their teaching style, organisation, practical knowledge, communication skills, presentation skills, questioning techniques, and a range of other important instructional competencies.  The focus of this 3-day peer evaluation is on the trainer’s ability to transfer knowledge and build learner skills.

Previous trainer certification from Autodesk, such as the Authorised Trainer designation, really only proved that you knew the software.  ACI certification means much more than that.  ACI certification is proof that you are an effective trainer – that you have the skills to pass on your knowledge . . . to empower the people on your courses to be more productive using Autodesk software.  We believe this proof is important for our customers to see.  And we are looking forward to getting the remaining members of our team ACI-certified.

Already Cadassist has achieved ACI status with four members of our industry-leading training team:

  • Keith Challinor – ACI status for AutoCAD, Inventor and Revit
  • Qamar Naseem – ACI status for AutoCAD and Inventor
  • Aaron Perry – ACI status for Revit
  • Steve Owen – ACI status for AutoCAD and Inventor

For more information on Autodesk’s ACI programme, please log on to

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